How does semantic search work?

We allow you the option to search for tweets that contain all of the words that you enter into our search bar or, by checking semantic search, the option to both search for the keywords that you enter and words that are considered synonyms for these keywords. For example, if you want to search for "job" in our offer database, you will be provided with tweets that contain your keyword and/or tweets that contain "business", a keyword that is considered a synonym for "job". There will be search terms that greatly benefit by utilizing semantic search; in other cases, your search may return tweets that are not relevant to your search objective.

How long are tweets stored in the searchable TweetRSVP database?

The TweetRSVP database currently stores tweets for 3 days.

What is the benefit of the search clouds?

The search clouds that we provide in the right column allow you to see what visitors are searching. The search terms are generally either topical or relevant to something that has or is happening or very specific to a visitor's interest. Since the search terms in the clouds are live links, you can click on any of these search terms and see the relevant tweets that are in the TweetRSVP database. Please remember that we presently store tweets for 3 days.

Do you accept advertising?

Our focus has been on building and improving TweetRSVP. We have not formalized plans for advertising, but if you are interested please contact us using the link in the navigation bar.

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